Building Your Jewellery Collection

Have your eyes set on a particular gemstone that just seems impossible to find? How about a jewellery piece that would only be a dream come true?

At Exotic Gems, customers are welcomed to purchase loose gemstones or take it a step further and customise them into Fine Jewellery. Exotic Gems houses a team of talented designers who will propose unique designs according to the wants and needs of customers, and brilliantly transform them into beautiful jewellery of both form and function.

Setting Up Loose Gemstones

For the Gemstone Aficionados – The beauty of a gemstone doesn’t just end there. A dash of creativity here, a generous pinch of artistry there and voila!

Instead of letting these beauties go to waste, Exotic Gems turn its craft into magic by transforming loose gemstones into complete, finished pieces of fine jewellery.

Re-set Old Jewellery

For the Fashion-Forward – How does one make something old look brand new? With Exotic Gems, of course.

Customers can now turn back the hands of time and breathe new life into old jewellery pieces. Leave it in the care of the talented designers at Exotic Gems and let them amaze you with their finesse in turning old into new.

Other Professional Services

Exotic Gems is all that and more. Our range of services go beyond just sourcing for gemstones, resetting old jewellery and creating new ones.

We offer after-sales servicing that includes cleaning, resizing, re-polishing and maintenance.

The Exotic Gems Process

Through a scrupulous process, Exotic Gems creates an experience that is unique to each and every customer.


1. Select a gemstone

Choose from our extensive range of gemstones or bring along your favourite from home.


2. Customise a design

Leave it in the hands of our designers to produce beautiful designs customised to your liking.


3. Receive the finished product

Be amazed at the beauty and intricate artistry of your brand new customised jewellery piece.

“Transform my inspirations into fine, elegant and luxurious pieces of beautiful jewellery”

Exotic Gems has always been able to interpret the designs that I have inspired and dreamed about. They are able to transform my inspirations into fine, elegant and luxurious pieces of beautiful jewellery. On many occasions, I have been more than happy with other finished pieces that Joanne has designed from scratch. The designs from Exotic Gems are works of art that speak more than a thousand words!

“Integrity and Excellent Service”

Exotic Gems is my long term personal jeweller which I have a close relationship with since the early 1990s. I love high quality jewellery and trendy designs. Above all, I look for integrity and excellent service. The staff from Exotic Gems possess these characteristics and that is the reason why I have stuck to them for years. They use their heart to service us genuinely and this is what I look for in a retailer.

Exotic Gems has helped my family and I to appear glamorous in parties, and I want to take this opportunity to share my appreciation and gratitude.

Jessica Lee
“They always deliver more than expected”

Exotic Gems has never failed me. Be it jewellery design or precious gemstones, they always deliver more than expected. This is the reason why my family has been their loyal customers for more than 10 years.

“Trusted service and sincere advice”

I genuinely appreciate Alicia and her team from Exotic Gems for their trusted service and sincere advice. I truly enjoy wearing the elegant jewellery that Alicia have designed for me.
I believe Exotic Gems will go a long way, and their future will shine brighter than the sun!

Lee Lee
“Outstanding workmanship, friendly advice”

I would highly recommend Exotic Gems & Jewellery for their outstanding workmanship, friendly advice and most importantly, honesty. Their gemstones, precious stones, gold and diamonds are of the highest quality.

Personally, Alicia has attended to me all these years. She provides excellent customer service, great gemologist knowledge and is always willing to help. She has always been there to answer my enquiries and never rushed me into purchasing anything in haste. No matter how many pieces of jewellery that I have examined or how long I have spent looking at the pieces of jewellery on display, there was no pressure on me.

It is not easy to find a jewellery store that possesses the personal touch that is so lacking in large businesses these days. Also, I have even selected some of my jewellery for Alicia to have her redesign it for me. She took time to examine them meticulously piece by piece, and even suggested if it was worth redesigning them, so as to ensure that I am getting good value for what I am paying.

Her ideas were not complicated, yet interesting — her jewellery can be worn on any occasions. I have recommended girl friends to her before, and some of them have returned to become regular customers till today.

“Outstanding quality of the pieces”

For over 12 years, we have had pieces of jewellery created for us using the designs from Exotic Gems and our own. The jewellery from Exotic Gems are definitely worth the value as we appreciate the outstanding quality of the pieces.

Even after relocating to our home country, we still come back to Exotic Gems whenever we want to add a new piece of jewellery to our collection. Not only are the jewellery magnificent, Exotic Gems provides exceptional workmanship, excellent follow-up and after-care support.

Queenie keeps us updated on their new designs, also introducing new pieces of jewellery that we may be interested in as she understands our taste.

We have no hesitation in recommending Exotic Gems to our friends and family.

Sharon and Malcolm
“Fun and wonderful”

Learning about gems and all that glitter had been a personal passion for me. To have Joanne alongside all these years as me guide and teacher makes it really fun and wonderful. Each piece of gem introduced by Joanne and Queenie makes its way to my heart and I love them all.


Expect Only The Best

Exotic Gems takes great pride in showcasing only the most premium in quality gemstones and intricately crafted jewellery that speak of a brand of outstanding perfection.

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