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Choosing a Gemstone

Three Ways to Decide on Your Ideal Gemstone

Before embarking on this exciting journey, our consultants will start off by helping customers decide on the type of gemstone(s) to be used.


Exotic Gems houses its very own extensive, premium range of beautiful gemstones for customers to choose from.


Alternatively, customers may come to us with special requests to source for particular gemstones they are interested in.

Bring in your own

Customers who already have their own favourite gemstones at home can simply bring them in.

Start with an idea

As with every other brilliant creation, it always starts off with an idea. Here, customers usually have an idea of what they want or some rough idea of what they like.

From favourite colours to how they like to accessorize with jewellery, our designers will listen to the wants and needs of customers to better understand what they are looking for.


Following the initial consultation, our designers will take into consideration the likes and dislikes of the customers.

At this stage, our designers will begin on conceptualising designs. Working around the requests and specifications of the customer, the designer will come up with black-and-white sketches of design concepts to present to the customer at the next meeting.

Design Exploration

Our designer will present the various detailed sketches of the jewellery to the customer.

Customers can take a closer look the different design concepts and select the one that best matches what she wants. These illustrations allow us to show customers a remarkably lifelike rendering of what the final piece will look like from different angles.


Custom design concepts are sketched on tracing paper until a final drawing is approved. From there, illustrations will be drawn to scale on watercolour paper, showing the intricate detail and making it easier for the customer to visualise the actual piece of jewellery.

Front view illustration drawn to precision with actual-product dimensions.

Final Sketches

final-sketch1The final sketch of the side view is drawn to show the intricate details on the sides. final-sketch2The design is sketched out one last time to show the frontal view of the product.


Upon settling on the design, the next step is to decide on the material.

We provide customers with the option of incorporating white, yellow or rose gold into the final product.

Our designers will advise you on the colour of metal to use based on the finalised design. The idea here is to have the gemstone and metal complement each other yet be able to stand out individually from the jewellery piece.


Customers will be given the opportunity to request for changes to be made along the way. Constantly encouraging involvement and feedback throughout the process, we want for our customers to be able to feel a sense of ownership and pride with the final product.

Our designers will work very closely with you to ensure you get exactly what you want at the end of the day. Once all changes have been made and the design is finalised, the production process begins.


Production Begins

The approved and finalised design is sent directly to our jewellery craftsman for him to begin production.

During production, the craftsman will start by melting, bending and soldering the gold. Once the casting is cut, filed, sanded and polished, it is ready for engraving and setting of the gemstone.

Final Product

The artist’s sketch will be placed side-by-side with the final jewellery piece for comparison.

Every final piece of jewellery goes through stringent quality control to ensure that precision and craftsmanship are impeccable. Once quality tests have been carried out, the final product will be presented to the customer.

The customer is then given time to check the actual product for final approval. Our goal at Exotc Gems is to ensure that every piece of jewellery is crafted to our customers’ delight and satisfaction, with quality and exquisiteness to reflect every individual’s unique style and personality.

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Final Consultation

With this delicate new jewellery piece in hand, it is crucial that you understand the importance of special care to keep it looking its best throughout its lifetime. As part of the Exotic Gems after-sales service, a consultant will spend some time to advise customers on how to store and clean the jewellery to ensure its quality is preserved even with daily wear.


Exotic Gems takes great pride in showcasing only the most premium in quality gemstones and intricately crafted jewellery that speak of a brand of outstanding perfection.

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